Recommended File Standards

Please follow Amidon’s prepress file specifications when preparing your files.

This will help ensure that your project gets into our prepress department right away. Need help now? Give us a call — 800.328.6502 or 651.690.2401. We’re happy to discuss any questions on your project.

  • We prefer that you send us both PDFs and the packaged native files. We will generally use the PDFs but we like to have the native files in case there are any problems with the PDFs or we need to make corrections.
  • If you are on a Mac, please use the built-in file compression to zip up the native files for upload. Right-click or control-click on the folder to compress it. Do not move the folder to a Windows computer or use third-party compression software. Macintosh fonts are easily corrupted if moved to a Windows computer or compressed with third-party compression software.
  • When making PDFs from Adobe applications, use the Press Quality setting. If your piece bleeds, go to the Marks and Bleeds tab and set both the bleed and the marks offset to 0.125″.
  • Make your document the size of the final trimmed piece. We prefer that face, foot, and face trims are NOT included in the document size.
  • If your piece bleeds, extend the bleed at least 0.125″ beyond the page edge. Keep non-bleeding art and type at least 0.125″ from the page edge. We prefer a 0.25″ safety margin.
  • Image files should have an effective resolution between 200 and 300 ppi. Bitmapped images file should have an effective resolution of at least 600 ppi.
  • Art should be CMYK (not RGB), grayscale, or PMS colors. If using spot colors please use the standard names from the application.
    • Save your file as a PSD or a Photoshop PDF with the Press Quality presets.
    • The file should be 300 ppi.
    • If the piece bleeds, the canvas size should be 0.25″ larger than the final size (the Photoshop file for an 8.5″ by 11″ piece with bleed should be 8.75″ by 11.25″).
    • Black type should be 100% K, 0% C, 0% M, 0% Y (Photoshop will default to 90% K, 75% C, 68% M, 67% Y, DO NOT USE THIS). Set the layer to Multiply or Darken.
    • All fonts must be collected manually.

If you have any questions about file specifications, please contact Len Schmid at or 651-251-5852.