Your next project could have any combination of our web printing with in-line finishing options.

Here are a few projects that demonstrate our custom solutions. Every project receives superior printing, a streamlined process, and friendly customer service.

Do you have a great idea, but are not sure how to make it work? Contact Amidon and we’ll help you find a solution that works.

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Perf N Peek Direct Response Mailer

The Director of Marketing was looking for an interactive piece. We delivered with our Perf N Peek finishing. By offering the recipient a hidden panel to reveal, this unique self-mailer engaged the audience and kept the offer in-hand, rather than in the recycle bin.

The longer the reader interacts with your direct mail piece, the more likely they are to respond. So, get them opening, tearing, lifting…even smelling with our cost-effective Perf N Peek formats.

In-line printing and finishing features included:
  1. Print
  2. Die-cut windows
  3. Fold and glue panel together
  4. Adhere card
  5. Form two plow folds
  6. Fugitive glue shut
  7. Inkjet personalize
  8. Mail

Dream Giveaway

Press-Pasted Self-Mailer

Our non-profit customer was looking for a way to present three different sweepstakes offers in a single self-mailer format. Amidon Graphics created a press-pasted multipage layout which included a separate panel and reply device for each contest plus the response envelope …. All in one piece.

Say good-bye to the cost and time spent on multiple press runs, color management of various components, scheduling with more than one vendor, increased turnaround times for inserting and mailing separately, and hard-to-open wafer seals on finished product.

Say hello to a sleek, all-in-one personalized mail piece, efficiently produced.

In-line printing and finishing features included:
  1. Print two ribbons
  2. Perforate
  3. Inkjet personalize
  4. Add remoistenable glue strip
  5. Split and stack webs
  6. Apply spine glue / press pasting
  7. Glue & fold pocket
  8. Make three plow folds
  9. Fugitive glue shut
  10. Mail

Thanksgiving Dinner

8-Panel Bangtail 2-Way Self-Mailer

This piece looks complex, but it’s easy for us! The bangtail is the perfect addition to your brochure or mailer. It features a user friendly perf-off response form and return envelope, run in one economical pass through our press. For the same standard mailing rate this OVERSIZED piece stands out from the rest of the pile. EFFECTIVE & EFFICIENT.

We will help you design a single direct mail piece to capture your customer’s attention, share information, and trigger a response. By eliminating additional bindery and mailing processes, our in-line finishing saves time and money!

In-line printing and finishing features included:
  1. Print
  2. Add remoistenable glue strip
  3. Perforations
  4. Glue and fold pocket
  5. Form two plow folds
  6. Fugitive glue shut
  7. Inkjet personalize
  8. Mail
Insurance Perf N Peek interactive response animation

Catalog Perf N Peek interactive coupon response animation

Restaurant Perf N Peek interactive response animation